These are not strictly alpine plants. Most are actually subalpine plants. But 'subalpines' as a title didn't quite have the same ring to I am borrowing the term 'Alpines' here to reference those most-beautiful plants that hail from a cold and dry climate....primarily a montane continental climate...which is nothing less than harsh, restrictive, and outright hostile at times. But damn, are these plants not the most amazing plants??? I think so....Adaptation is a work of art.

These photos were taken over the years throughout many summers exploring the High Sierra. Most are from east of the Sierra crest...with a caveat that I may also add some plants from other mountains in the Basin and Range province.

Names are noted on the photos, if you click on one. Since I am not a botanist, I have made it a point to not identify anything down to a subspecie, since that is a skill beyond my ability, except for when a real botanist was able to confirm it for me. Hope this brings lots of wonderment and day dreaming.

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